Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Dear Tocara Family:

On behalf of Shari & I, I would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! May 2016 be filled with prosperity, health and happiness!

All the very best,
Randall and Shari

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Tocara gets the scoop: Denise Ouellette

T: Who would play your character in the movie of your life?
D: Sandra Bullock – she’s funny and real!

T: What is your greatest achievement?
D: Bringing together the most incredibly talented group of women across Canada to the world of Tocara!

T: When in your life were you happiest?
D: Now :-)

T: What is your favorite song, the one that motivates you most?
D: “It’s my Life” by Bon Jovi and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

T: What is at the top of your bucket list?
D: Sailing around the Caribbean!

T: Which book changed your life?
D: “Dare to Win” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. I first read it 20 years ago driving from Calgary to Saskatoon and it forever changed my thinking.

T: What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
D: “When one door closes, another one opens!”

T: What is your most treasured possession acquired with your Tocara earnings?
D: Time.

T: Looking back, what advice would you give your Tocara “Newbie” self?
D: One of my fav quotes - “If you do what most people won’t, you will have what most people want”... this is so true! Believe in the Tocara opportunity – it can truly open doors to a richly imagined future!

T: What initially brought you to Tocara?
D: It was a package deal! I LOVED the people, the programs and the jewelry!

T: What is your favorite Tocara jewelry collection and why?
D: The Deana Collection is my go-to, I love the “wings” and it layers beautifully with so many other pieces like the Karina, Margie or my all-time fav – the Adelynn!

Denise Ouellette
Vice President, Calgary, Alberta

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My path to success!


My name is Émie Erpelding, Diamond Director and I have been a member of the Tocara family for more than 4 and a half years now.
To this day, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wonderful big team by my side, and to be consistent in my personal sales. Last year, I had the best personal sales with $127 000. I never imagined this could be possible a few years ago. Who I am and what I do now wasn’t always how it used to be, and far from it. If you had met me 2 and a half years ago, I would have presented myself as Émie Erpelding, Tocara Consultant, no team, and sales as unstable as a rollercoaster, which meant with ups and downs. One day, I hit rock bottom, with zero sales a few months consecutively… $0! And no hostesses…

I was completely discouraged and no longer motivated. I even thought that I wasn’t made for Tocara after all, and that I wasn’t good enough. Conference was quickly approaching and I gave myself one last chance to succeed. I already attended Conference the year before and received excellent advices, lots of fun, free jewellery, and especially the energy and motivation needed to reach my goals. This is why attending this wonderful weekend was crucial. Despite my boyfriend disagreeing with me for registering for Conference, because we were on a tight budget at the time (plus, he did not believe in my success with Tocara), I decided to follow my instinct. It was one of the best decisions of my life, because that is what put me back on track. I made the decision to change and to take my business more seriously. Since then, I never again had zero as a personal sales number because I always made sure to have many hostesses every month. How did I rebuild my business from nothing? ONE hostess can change everything! One hostess at the time!

Conference changed everything for me and put me on my path to success! 

Hope to see you there this year!

Émie XX

Friday, 27 March 2015

My Tocara Love Story

I joined the beautiful Tocara opportunity on May 20th, 2010, after coincidentally coming across the jewelry at a Tupperwear party hosted by my niece. Yes, you’ll find it amusing, but I instantly fell in love with the beautiful pieces. In fact, they will eventually became my biggest passion. I decided on the spot to host a party at my house. This is why it’s important to talk about them, and showcase them! It was free to try it out, so why not! Free you ask? There is nothing free nowadays! Well, that’s what I was told and it was in fact true. It was at that moment that my Tocara love story began, almost 5 years ago today. I was so taken away by the finesse and quality of the jewelry, that I took a leap of faith – I had no experience in Direct Sales, and no idea what I was doing. Tocara offers trainings and tremendous support to guide us along the way.

At the time, I had just left my job after 30 years with the same employer in the accounting department. When I came across the Tocara opportunity, I was working part time, allowing me to dedicate time to my business and to take on challenges such as the rapid rewards program.

I am a person who likes challenges and lives life to the fullest. People who know me know that I never stop and don’t have enough hours in day! I’m passionate in all my endeavors, determined and very motivated! This is what led me to be who I am today.

Tocara allows us to have financial freedom, allows us to grow, and to be the best that we can be! While meeting people, my strongest desire is to let them know of this opportunity that can improve their quality of life too. I want to keep building my beautiful team that has been steadily growing over the years. My mission is to help other women just like myself, achieve financial independence and take advantage of a better life.

I love traveling and Tocara allows both my husband and I the chance to travel for free! This is amongst many beautiful rewards that motivate us to surpass ourselves. Today, I can assure you that Tocara has changed my life. Notably, I have the ability to spoil myself and my loved ones. The Tocara opportunity is the best gift of all that I hope to share with other women!

5 years ago, I would have never known that being Vice President would be for me. One step at a time, like a baby learning to walk, we can start advancing in life and really going far! I want to share my success story with all of you who want to develop your Tocara passion, it’s truly magical and achievable. Believe in it and go get it!

Francine De Carufel
Vice President

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Rewarding Passion

Tocara has changed my life! I have always worked full time, but never got the chance to travel. With many other obligations, it was simply not a priority. When I first saw the beautiful Tocara jewelry, I was immediately drawn to this opportunity – I had nothing to lose! A very timid individual, and especially uncomfortable in front of an audience, I was not expecting to succeed in Direct Sales – Never mind climbing up the ladder and getting promoted to VP!

To my great disbelief, with motivation, willingness and perseverance, I was able to watch my business grow. Each one of you can achieve this goal with the same determination! You too can realize this dream because it’s accessible, you just need to believe in yourself! My Tocara business makes a significant difference in my budget. My passion is one that pays very well and I have so much fun at the same time! It’s very important to stay positive and to persevere when you start, because it’s worth it! Since Tocara, I can really start spoiling myself. It’ll soon be 4 years that I can afford to travel at least once or twice a year… With my significant other of course! Now this is motivating.

Tocara equips us all with the tools to succeed. The National Conference is extremely important for me. I strongly recommend each Consultant to attend, it changes our vision! There are so many trainings and sharing of information that would benefit your business. We get the opportunity to meet all the girls, and most of all, to be together with our teams. The Tocara family supports us in an extraordinary manner. We leave the Conference even more motivated and want our business to grow even more! Succeeding is possible with Tocara! This meeting is a great source of motivation and inspiration. I especially can’t wait for the gala, it’s amazing to see all the Consultants beautifully dressed and glowing! This is a reward for them, where they get to receive well deserved recognition.

I’ve grown a lot with Tocara. Tocara shaped me into the confidant woman that I am today and I’m proud of that. Thank you Tocara for being part of my life.

Chantal De Carufel

Monday, 16 March 2015

Spread the word!

Wow! This past year has been incredible! We've experienced tremendous growth and I congratulate each one of you for your hard work and dedication. Without your efforts, Tocara would not be where we are today. Similarly to the Tocara story, I can honestly say that your individual success stories are what makes me the most proud. You are what makes Tocara so unique as a brand! You all did a fantastic job this year in pushing your limits and I want to highlight that at our August 2015 National Conference. My team has worked so hard behind the scenes to create a memorable experience for us. A lot of detail and planning goes into an event like this. While it’s definitely an opportunity to all get together and celebrate our entrepreneurial accomplishments, the ultimate goal is to make it special for all you ladies and gents. This event is going to be the highlight of the year! I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. Not to be a tease, but I’m expecting fabulous guest-speakers, not to be missed training, and last but not least… An abundance of great food and entertainment! And who wants to miss the launch of our new Fall Catalog? Our best new products ever will be unveiled at Conference. Space is limited at the Sheraton and filling up really quickly… Hopefully you will take advantage of the early registration special that is valid until April 30th, save a few bucks and assure yourself a seat! Trust me, I am already excited about this event. Don’t miss out! Conference is going to be huge this year.

Oh… and P.S.: The $250.00 worth of free jewelry is from our new collection! This is the most beautiful and trendy product line yet.

All the best,

Randall XOXO

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

To our Tocara family

Shari and I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year! 

May the coming year see you blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity. 2015 holds the promise of being a very special year for our Tocara family and we are looking forward with great excitement and enthusiasm to watching you attain your goals, soar to new heights and realize your fondest dreams? 

All the very best,

Randall and Shari